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About Me
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Yep, I page all about me.

Hi, my name is Blaze. I am eleven, I like videogames, computer and writing. Thats all really. Don't flame me for this very short entry about me!

Websites in the past:

1. Fanfic Hangout
2. Hobbylobby
3. FFN 2.0 ( Has a staff )
4. The site you are at right now.

Worst EVER site:

Fan-fic hangout.

Grade (on a scale of 10): - 3

Favorite Quote(s)

In this area I'll talk about my favorite quotes by me, and other people!
From RWC- Wow... That name sucks... No wait, keep it-Val.
From InuYashaFF- Kouga, where the heck are you, piece of crap!- InuYasha
From InuYasha- Will you bare me a child?- Miroku
From me- If you want to know my name, stick that gun in my face and find out the hard way.

Note: This page is a follow-up to the page, I am a staff member there and decided to make this site also.